Common Investment Strategy Types for the Stock Market

There are millions of operations performed on the stock market daily – and if you want to become a part of it as an investor the best thing you can do to start from is to get some information on 3 possible investment strategies for the stock market:

  • long-term investing
  • speculation
  • participation in mutual funds

Generally, stock market was designed to become a marketplace where goods could be purchased or sold and then it evolved into the place where operations with company shares were performed to attract investors. Nowadays due to the widespread network technologies and large number of advanced forecasting technologies stock market has became a place where almost everyone can participate and earn. However, that doesn’t mean this place is loyal to beginners – you still have to acquire some skills before you can feel confident on the stock market.

So let’s consider four types of strategies available for the stock market today.

Long-Term Investing

Long-term investing is something you can do to amass wealth upon your retirement. In order to find out about the best strategies on the stock market by Warren Buffett you need to be fond of making long-term investments only.

Warren Buffett 

So what is your goal when it comes to this kind of investments? You need to find a company that will perform successfully and tend to become old and reputable brand with a large market share. That means there is no place for fast exchange of assets on the market during the panic on the market or just because you have an opportunity to sell company assets for the good price.

Your goal is to leave shares in your portfolio and see how your dividends and share price grows annually. So if most of the professional traders are seeking for margins and numbers you should pay attention to the next factors when estimating company’s value:

  • product
  • competitive advantages
  • management
  • technology
  • development
  • industry perspectives
  • financial statement

Long-Term Investing

Pay attention to the fact financial statement is pointed to be the last in the lit. Although it is the first thing to be considered you should know that when you are making a long-term investment on a stock market you shouldn’t treat this factor as of high priority no matter what. Technologies, management and competitive advantages are much more important.

The success stories for long-term investments are amusing actually. Companies like Microsoft, Apple, Facebook and others are increasing their capitalization dramatically each year so long-term investing for companies like those is the good idea.


Speculation on the stock market appeared from the beginning. speculation allowed is one of the main reasons stock markets allocated billions of dollars yearly as many people dream of earning on stocks.

Speculation is the most risky way of acquiring income on the stock market as if you are up to earn on speculation you need a good trader and a stable flow of insights as well as the advanced skills in information analysis.


So how does it look on a stock market? For example, there a company A with a share price of $15. Those who are up to make long-term investments will acquire and keep shares of the company A even if the price will decrease dramatically and won’t sell shares of those grow as well. However, those are speculating and have bought the shares are very intense when it comes to change of price of the company shares. If shares of the company start to grow speculators usually buy shares to sell those at a higher price later, however if the price of shares start to fall, the sell it to save margin.

Speculation has no tolerance to beginners – you need to be sophisticated investor to earn on speculation and frankly this kind of earning can not really be called an investment.

Although speculation can bring you good profits in short terms, it is usually a bad strategy for the long-term period as when speculating you either have to play against market or always be the first to catch a trend which can be complicated.

Participation in Mutual Funds

When it comes to the stock market you can find out that most of advisors or traders cannot provide you with 100% guarantee that a certain company share will raise or fall (if you deal with fair one though). So usually your portfolio is being diversified no matter whether you have chosen speculation or long-term investment strategies.

Mutual Funds

And mutual funds were created to earn on indexes and usually can be called the essence of diversification as when you invest in mutual fund you are investing in market usually and your bet is most likely to play – as no matter what economy and industries grow from year to year before the next crisis appears on the scene.

Such a strategy is a good idea if you want to make a low risk investments managed by experienced financial advisors.

it has to be mentioned that mutual funds are almost ideal for making long-term investment to provide yourself with almost guaranteed passive income upon retirement.


Earning on stock market

Earning on stock market is harsh but possible. Stock market is the safest and the most reliable place to start learning how to invest as it is regulated and secured by government. However, it is risky as well especially if you make big investments without clear understanding of how everything works out there.

So if you want to become an investor on a stock market make sure you know your goal clearly. If you need high returns in several years, choose long-term investments, but if you want to earn fast at a high risk speculation and short-term investments are just for you.

However, if you believe the industry leaders the best way to earn on stock market is to make the minimum of moves and place long-term investments in the same companies and indexes which is not as fun as we can see it is done in movies.


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