TOP-10 richest and smartest investors of all times

Fortunes are made not only on the legendary Wall-street. Most successful and richest investors reveal the stories behind their financial triumph and it turns out that most of them weren’t born with a silver spoon in a mouth. However, all of them have a phenomenal ability to foresee economic and investment trends, ups and downs and use it in own financial interests. Anyways, all of them had experienced huge losses at times but it’s truly remarkable how they have managed to get back on track in glory and win their “the most successful investors” titles. All of them take their honorable places at Forbes ratings.

Here are the TOP-10 investment stories behind the richest investors of all times.

1. Warren Buffett

He is the first is our list for a reason. His nickname Oracle of Obama deserves a special notice. Warren Buffet is undeniably the most famous and the richest investor of all times with the fortune of about $60 billion. Buffett’s investment preferences are broad: from investing in top U.S securities on the stock exchange to investing in economies of many countries, including countries of the third world.

Warren Buffett

His biggest Company Berkshire Hathaway with a colossal capitalization is being traded on Stock Exchange at a mind-blowing price of 185.000 dollars per one share!

2. George Soros

George Soros

Without a doubt, George Soros name is known to everyone in the financial world. His fame and success reached the peak in 90’s when he made a bet against the Bank of England and hit the jackpot. In that one single day in the 1992 year he made an unimaginable amount of 1 billion dollars. This deal remains the most successful bet of all times. Soros takes the 16th place of the richest people in the USA with his fortune of about $25 billion. His legendary investment fund “Quantum” earned him billions through investment in almost all possible spheres of economy. He is also a highly influential person in the political world and a sponsor of dozens of international projects and startups.

3. David Tepper

With the average 30% annualized returns the owner of “Appaloosa Management” fund David Tepper became arguably the most efficient investor of all times. For over than 23 years he was (and is) a manager of an 18 billion dollar hedge fund, that brought him his billions.

David Tepper

His net worth is currently over 11 billion dollars, which he has made through successful global macro investing and betting against main currencies, like euro. Last year Tepper has made a bet against euro and returned staggering 11 % and hundreds of millions of dollars (taking into account the volume he made a bet with).

4. Peter Thiel

This man has embodied the “American dream” in its fullest by making an unimaginably successful business from the zero. A co-founder and an owner of PayPal is one of the most famous and ambitious investors in Silicon Valley. Hi is known for his vast investment interests in biotechnology and medical spheres and other high-innovative fields. With the net worth of more than 2 billion dollars, Peter Thiel is one of the youngest billionaires of the Silicon Valley.

Peter Thiel

Thiel is not the richest investors, but he is on our list as the most interesting person with free views and ideas worth of reading the full interview with Peter Thiel.

5. James Simons

James Simons

The founder of one of the most successful ever hedge funds “The Renaissance Medallion Fund” and the owner of a $15.5 billion fortune, James Simons is a true self-made man with a PhD degree of University of California. His huge profits and meteoric career in the investment field is based on his innovation in analyzing short-term market’s inefficiencies. He uses computer models to foresee, predict and get the most out of occasional market’s spikes that for the majority of players seem unpredictable. In other words – James Simons earns where others lose.  Now, James Simons is named a “king of quantitative investment”.

6. Carl Icahn

Carl Icahn can fairly compete for the title of the most successful investor in history with the Warren Buffett.

Carl Icahn

His investment track record exceeds all possible expectations. Hi is still an active investor who prefers shares of such giants as Apple and Netflix and obviously, based on the successful performance of these companies, Carl Icahn receives greater and greater profits.  Currently, his net worth is 17 billion dollars.

7. Edward Johnson

The pioneer of discount brokerage market, Edward Johnson has pretty much shaped and developed an investment sphere the way we know it today.

Edward Johnson

Edward Johnson is a brilliant analyst with almost a paranormal ability to predict market’s behavior. His worldwide Company Fidelity Investment earns him hundreds of millions of dollars a year, so currently his fortune is estimated to be 9.3 billion dollars.  He was the first who made a big market available for small banks, brokers and investment companies by letting them trade with a discount and get the profit from any investment vehicle presented on financial markets.

8. Jorge Paulo Lemann

Jorge Paulo Lemann

Brazilian billionaire with the new worth of $29.6 billion is the founding partner of 3G Capital and the owner of 10% of the biggest in the world beer producing company Anheuser-Busch InBev SA. Lemann considers people with excellent skills as the foundation of his success. He prefers long-term and sustainable deals that bring income for many years. The billionaire leads active lifestyle and is a five-time tennis champion of Brazil. Along with that, Jorge Paulo Lemann is officially the richest person in Brazil now.

9. Ronald Perelman

Ronald Perelman

His taste for investments is so diverse that there is probably no sphere where Perelman has not reaches with his money. He invested in electronic devices, in cosmetics, IT technologies and many other industries. All that brought him staggering $14 billion of net worth. Perelman explains his success exactly by diversifying – investing in many different industries at the same time.

10. Michael Bloomberg

Michael Bloomberg

The former mayor of New York City was placed #2 in the list of the richest investors in the world. His worth net is $33 dollars that he has made through his vast investments and commodity trading.

Currently Michael Bloomberg is a philanthropist who donates billions to educational sphere (Universities and schools construction and development).

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