TOP Investment Blogs you should be reading daily

We have picked the most informative and regularly updated blogs about investing, ran by professional financial experts and researchers. The best part is that all the knowledge is given for free, so here is your unending source of valuable online reading.

1. Enterprising Investor by CFA Institute

The blog is in the world’s TOP-3 of the best blogs about smart investing. Here you will find an impressive diversity of articles that cover all topics related to economy and investments. Authors – are financial experts (including Ph.D.) making researches and reviews on daily basis and sharing views with their readers from all over the world. Along with investment reviews and advices you will find great tips on how to improve own mindset to show better investment performance. All articles are available for free access.

Enterprising Investor

2. The Big Picture

The blog is launched by the Barry Ritholtz, the CIO of the Ritholtz Wealth Management. Barry makes great data-saturated reviews, written by understandable (even for newbies) language.


He covers U.S. economy and Trump-related shifts to make it easier for investors to stick to their directions investment strategies in a modern economic environment. The author writes excellent pieces for startups investors, providing them with clear and deep analysis of main sectors of the economy: agricultural, high-tech, finance and banking. The content is updated several times a day where three-four new reviews are added. We consider “The big picture” blog an amazing, investment-oriented alternative to large international newsfeeds.

3. The Reformed Broker


A NY-based financial advisor makes daily updates by creating an excellent investment content for individual and corporate investors who want to have a fine-tuned info-assistant. The blog is oriented on helping investors align their investment actions with financial goals, by providing them with valuable daily tips, recommendations, and practical advice. “The Reformed Broker” updates once or twice a day, keeping our eyes on the ball. Highly accurate forecasts, along with regular reviews made the blog one of the most widely read online resources throughout the Internet. The blog is in TOP-10 in the biggest ratings.      

4. Good Financial Cents


This pretty small but highly informative resource is everything you need to have to read about the most important things of personal finance. It is not only the teaching blog but also the inspiring resource that stimulates everyone to become financially independent by making wise and reasonable investments. The runner of the blog is also a well-known author of a book on personal finance and a CEO of a wealth-management Company. He says his mission is to make people ready and knowledgeable enough to take charge of their lives to create a wealthy, financially independent future, “cent by cent”.

5. Financial Samurai


It’s definitely not for those who plan financial hara-kiri, but rather for those who consider themselves true financial warriors, not willing to give up any potentially profitable opportunity. An exceptional concept is backed by the well-written posts and valuable advice that author provides us with taking no fee for it. Moreover, he offers a free wealth management service in order to help us optimize our capital.

The resource is updated regularly and the content is not like that one you can find on hundreds of financial web-pages. This blog is exclusive, very specific and written by plain and simple words.  

6. Kathryn Cicoletti, Ms. Cheat Sheet


An extraordinary smart author has made an exceptionally interesting blog about personal finance and investment. Who could ever think before that financial blog could be captivating and even funny? A former financial analyst gives us high-quality content, both in written posts and in a format or letters.

She claims that finances will never be boring again for her followers and she keeps her word. You can leave your email to receive letters with analysis of current economic and investment opportunities and risks.

Kathryn Cicoletti is also an author of the best-selling book you can get through her blog.

7. Crossing Wall Street

money making

Eddy Elfenbein, who is a professional speaker and portfolio manager is an author of the blog dedicated to investment. The author knows the inside “kitchen” of the Wall Street and lead the readers through a very-well written analysis, reviews and news that make an impact on everything that relates to moneymaking.

Dozens of reviews and news are placed daily on pages of Eddy’s blog, so you will stay informed on every significant shift in the Corporate world: merging and acquisitions, shares prices forecasts, macroeconomic news and data – all this and much more if delivered in comfortable, brief, and neat manner.   

8.Obvious Investor


Here you will find everything you need for low-maintenance investing. Unlike many other investment blogs, “Obvious Investor” is purposed for lifting up the financial literacy level by providing a simple and clear explanation on various topics. Tips, articles, accounting lessons, and other types of really good read are available for free. We find it extremely helpful that the author explains in detail all aspects of tax planning and budgeting for the average normal person. By reading “Obvious Investor” you can save lots of money as you won’t need to hire a financial expert to make up your financial issues or clarify questions related to it.

9. Sure Dividend


If you are into investing in stocks, especially in high-yield stocks of small Companies, you will find this professionally written blog a “holy grail” for your daily investment steps.

The author, Ben Raynolds, provides a deep analysis of stocks (S&P500 and other), with pretty accurate forecasts for long-term investing and short-term trading. All content is easy to comprehend and implement due to lots of visuals and charts that accompany financial analysis. The content is updated regularly, about 6 times a week, so you will always stay well-informed about market sentiments and trends on stocks exchange.    

10. Abnormal Returns


The title of the blog lives up to its name totally. Everything here is dedicated to getting maximum returns from whatever you invest in. By subscribing (leaving your email) you get yourself a daily dose of most precious financial advice from the whole investment blogosphere.

The author (Tadas Viskanta) of the blog does not create his own content but instead collect the most valuable pearls of financial analysis and investment tips from the whole Internet. What he also does is select the really helpful ideas and forecasts and separate it from the tons of “bs” you will lose yourself in by surfing the Web on your own.

11. Irrelevant Investor


Director of Research at Ritholtz Wealth Management provides his reader with a sophisticated financial content with daily updates. The pages of his blog treasure brilliant articles for traders and investors who prefer active strategies and maximized returns. If you need to get an exact stock exchange indexes and securities analysis with the explanation of shifts and market sentiments – you are welcome to follow Michael Batnick and raise your investment outcome. Actually, we find this blog mandatory to read for everyone who is involved in stock trading (or any other type of securities).

12. Gannon on Investing


Along with providing great analytical pieces for the common audience, the author does the write-up on preferred stocks on demand. You will find here Gannon’s own research and analysis as well as recommendations on what sources and blogs you should be reading in order to have a full and clear picture of the investment environment. He posts comprehensive and detailed (backed by charts) reviews of specific stocks regularly (with the free access to all materials).

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